Prescription Ordering Direct (POD) Reminder

Are you aware that you can order your repeat medications via POD? Your call will be handled by an experienced and fully trained member of staff who will have access to your medical record in order to process your prescription request.  You can contact the POD on 02476246072 Monday-Friday 8.00am – 5.00pm (please note that tradionally Monday is the busiest day of the service so please be patient or consider calling on an alternative day).   Once your prescription request has been taken it will be processed and sent to your nominated pharmacy within 2 working days. We have information leaflets at the surgery if you would like further information regarding this service.  You can still order your prescriptions on-line (if you have on-line access) or via the surgery email address or alternatively you can hand in your repeat slip/ written request. Patient are reminded to check their medication cupboard before ordering to prevent wastage and over-ordering

Extended Access Telephone Triage Slots

The surgery is now offering telephone triage slots outside of the practice core hours (before 8am and after 6.30pm on varied weekdays) The appointments are pre-bookable telephone triage slots with the Doctor or Advanced Clinical Practitioner.  Please contact our reception team if you wish to book one of these slots

Patient Services Online Access

There have been reports that certain parts of the On-Line Access website is not functioning as it should be.  This has been reported to the Support Team and they are looking into this.  On-Line appointments are still accessible at the moment

Easter 2019 Opening Hours

Good Friday (Bank Holiday) – 19th of April 2019 – SURGERY CLOSED ALL DAY

Saturday – 20th April – SURGERY CLOSED ALL DAY

Sunday – 21st April – SURGERY CLOSED ALL DAY

Monday (Bank Holiday) – 22nd April – SURGERY CLOSED ALL DAY

From Tuesday 23rd of April – THE SURGERY WILL BE OPEN AS NORMAL

Telephone Important Information

Following the installation of our new telephone system at the surgery we have received positive feedback.  When telephoning please ensure that you listen to the whole of the automated message.  The message does not mean that the surgery is closed it is simply advising you of how your call will be handled and where you are in the queue.

On-Line Doctor First Telephone Appointments


Please note that ALL online bookable appointments are now Dr First Appointments (telephone appointments).

 A few telephone appointments will be available for online booking with the GP on a daily basis from Monday 11th March 2019.

Additional details regarding On-line access is available by clicking the ‘How Do I’ tab at the top of this page and choosing ‘Access on-line patient services’